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Are aluminum circles used for crafts?

Are aluminum circles used for crafts?

Aluminum Circle are usually made into container-like parts or holding parts of a craft. Regular alloys of aluminum circles for crafts include 1050, 1060, 1100 and 3003. Based on the fact that people expect crafts to last as long as possible, Aluminum Circles must be strong enough to withstand common erosion. They must also be of medium strength for convenience of processing methods like spinning, deep drawing and perforating.
Aluminum Circle 1050 is among the softest of aluminum alloys. It contains an aluminum content of 99.5% and slight contents of other metals. Like any other aluminum products, it has a natural corrosion resistance. It also gets “rusty” like iron, but in a totally different way. Together with oxygen in the air, the surface aluminium produce a thin layer of oxide quickly, and the layer is featured by strong resistance to many corrosive elements. Iron also produces oxide after being exposed to the air, but the oxide becomes powder and falls off the surface, leaving the inner iron vulnerable to oxidizing of the air. Thus, iron crafts decay with the passage of time, but aluminum crafts never do. Furthermore, in the fabrication of aluminium circle 1050, various surface treatment methods like embossing, polishing and anodizing can be adopted to make the circle more beautiful and corrosion resistant. With people’s increasing pursuit of aesthetics, Aluminum Circle for craftsmay win more and more popularity.

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