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Does aluminum circle price has something to do with its thickness?

Does aluminum circle price has something to do with its thickness?

Recently, there are many friends want to know whether the thickness affect the price of Aluminum Circle, and what is the relationship between them. Many customers asked is that the thinner Aluminum Circle has higher price because the process technology is more advanced? Today let us find the answer together and discover the connection between Aluminum Circlec price and the thickness.
Aluminum Circle price does have something to do with thickness of the circle. Generally speaking, circles of common thickness (between 1.0mm and 8.0mm) have similar prices under the condition that they entail similar manufacturing processes. Such aluminum discs can be obtained through relatively simple processes. Nevertheless, if the thickness surpasses 8mm, the price will go higher because the circles have to go through hot rolling, which involves raw material loss and application of extra equipment. Therefore, it makes sense to think that aluminium circle price is related to thickness. In spite of this, there are exceptions. As said above, the price of an aluminum circle is also influenced by its manufacturing process. Not all thin circles (thickness below 8.0mm) are produced through cold rolling, some entail hot rolling, which increases their cost and eventually impacts their price.
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