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HAOMEI Aluminum circle Sale Manager Visit To Colombia

HAOMEI Aluminum circle Sale Manager Visit To Colombia

haomei Aluminum circle products in Colombia.On May 12, 2018, our aluminium products sales manager to visit the customer in Colombia.The customer is Colombia's largest manufacturer of aluminium cookware.Our product is currently being used to make: Stock pots, Fry pans, Tea kettles, Pressure cookers, rice cookers, pizza pans, electric skillets, restaurant cookware, coffee urns, bakeware, steam irons, woks, stainless cookware bottom plates, bread makers.
mode of Aluminum circle production -When it comes to the process of producing, Aluminum Circle is usually directly cutting from aluminum coil or the aluminum plate, usually, if the thickness of Aluminum Circle is less than 3.0 mm, the form of piercing blank feeding directly will be applied. If the thickness of aluminum circle is between 3.0 mm and 100 mm, according to the precision demands, aluminum circle board face demands, the bar cutting, laser cutting, CNC water cutting, cutting will be used for blank feeding production. When the thickness of Aluminum Circle is higher than 100 mm, our usually adopts aluminum rod sawing for production directly, special circumstances will adopt CNC water cutting and cutting precision processing mode.
As you can see, these different Aluminum Circle' size including customized shape and sizecan create a range of different aluminium round metal in different time frames. Some are for very specific purposes while others cover a wider range of round metal cookware needs. If you still have questions about the different Aluminum Circle' size or for more information, please contact us.E-mail: wade@haomeicn.com

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